Tony Bouilly

Well, it’s never too late to start !!

I was 29 years old when I started taking sport seriously after having overcome Asthma. I started studying Savate (sometimes known as French Boxing) a ring based full contact fighting sport and five years later, I received the coveted Silver Glove and the Federal Instructor diploma.

Savate was a great experience but it didn’t give me all the answers to the questions I asked myself about real world self-defence situations: what can I do if I fall to the floor? What If someone strangles me or grabs my hair, or attacks from behind? What should I do if attacked by a person or people with weapons? So, I looked for a new discipline and I discovered Krav-Maga. An entire system based on the idea of fast, simple, effective techniques that are easy to learn, easy to replicate and devastatingly effective. I was literally fascinated.

I learned in Paris from Eric TAGLIANA and Yann VEILLERANT, both black belt 3rd darga and respectively President and Technical Director of FEKM UK. I’m now black belt 1st darga and I’m a fully qualified instructor with over 12 years of martial arts experience.

I aim now at developing Krav-Maga FEKM in Leamington Spa and support its growth all over the UK!